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NANY 2013 Pledge - Progress Bars of Life - v1.06.01 - December 31, 2012

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 ;D cranio...well, I suppose that is literally what I asked for!

here you go...

of course it's beta so there might be a few bugs...

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apologies to mouser for hijacking his thread...

Teaser screenshot, of the display window docked to the top of my screen:

Colors and looks will eventually be adjustable.

Obviously you can add as many bars as you want -- that's the whole point.  You can show the bars in a window or docked to the side of a screen.

The most common kind of bar is one where you set a start and end date and it tracks progress; you can also set a manual range and position for things that aren't date based.

You can also tell the bar how to repeat when it reaches the end -- so you can use progress bars for each minute/hour/day/month/year, and they will reset and cycle as they complete.

Potential future features:

* An API so you do things like fetch some web data to retrieve progress position.
* Ability to read or import standard calendar files so user can easily import important dates.
* Other features

Nice :Thmbsup:

The lifespan bar is perhaps a bit ominous? :o

Also, there is perhaps some ambiguity in percentages "until" something -- like the Until Christmas bar, if there is 94% until Christmas doesn't that sound more like only 6% of the time has passed so far?

Yeah thats just me picking bad labels -- but you assign your own labels so call them what you will.
And of course the progress value depends on what the start date is..  Presumably you would set the start date to something useful.


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