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*Resolved* - Pirate Software Dilemma

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I make my living from software. I sell my own software, and work on technical materials for mobile platforms. Just so you know who this is coming from...

I say go for it. You paid. You deserve the use of the software that you paid for.

I also say go for it. Obviously they are not interested in selling what you want, so they shouldn't mind if you go to a competitor (i.e. pirate). And don't have a burden on your conscience, because you honestly wanted to pay for the software, but they wouldn't take your money.

If all comes to worst, we won't tell anyone :)

Now let's take Evernote.  Once had a snappy, portable version and everything.  Not anymore.  Think that pleased the hardcore users?  However, it sure benefits them to move to the cloud.  Not that the product is bad or anything, but the history of events made me lose my trust a little with them.  They also made it harder to get the data out of evernote and into other things.  So would I pay for it again?  probably not, unless my back was up against the wall.  And they should pay that price.  But they won't because I'm in the severe minority.
-superboyac (December 01, 2012, 11:31 PM)
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OTT, but I think this is somewhat unfair on Evernote.
The company was taken over and the new owners explicitly rebuilt the software so it could work in the cloud. Looks like a good call, given the the increase in their userbase and the effective demise of many of their previous competitors who stayed as they were. And, unlike the previous owners who sold out, they aren't asking you to pay - they offer it entirely free unless you do want to use the cloud sync for more than 60MB a month.
And, if you want it entirely portable, you can go HERE. btw, Evernote don't recommend working it off a flash drive because of the risk of database corruption.
-Dormouse (December 02, 2012, 03:43 AM)
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Until today, I am still using the last version of the old Evernote.
I did pay (one-month) to try the latest Evernote then I finally give up...

The new Evernote application
1. Cloud means portable and more convenient
2. You can search within a Note after it is brought up for editing.

Everything else not listed in the Pros list are basically downgraded, particularly the Tag hierarchy tree.


I will attempt another strategy with Foxit, dowgrade rights. Hopefully they will allow me downgrade rights and provide me with their last version of PDF editor. The price better be cheaper since it is "obsolete" and non-supported software.


Yes, I am leaning towards obtaining the software from alternate means if Foxit is unable to provide a working solution.

The price better be cheaper
-Cloq (December 02, 2012, 09:59 AM)
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They might grant you downgrade rights, but I'd be very surprised if they give you a break on the price because of it.  The way they'd look at it would probably along the lines of: you're buying the latest version, but if *you* decide you'd like to use something older, that's up to you.


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