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NANY Submission - Paste Button

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The Paste Button download link has been fixed. You can download from the link above or here. DOWNLOAD

Thanks! I was able to download it and I look forward to testing it.  Just an FYI Norton 360 quarantined the download for the following reason:
Risk Level 1: Very Low
Suspicious.MLApp is a detection technology designed to detect entirely new malware threats without traditional signatures. This technology is aimed at detecting malicious software that has been intentionally mutated or morphed by attackers.

Not a hard threat, just suspicious.  I restored it and I'm not worried about this warning.  After I've tried it for a while I'll report back with my findings.


Might be because it is a compressed exe.

When attempting to install I get the following error:

The program can't start because VDSRUN60.DLL is missing from your computer...

I'm running Windows 8 Pro x64.

I went to the web site to see about obtaining the runtime but Google itself threw a warning that it is flagged as a malicious attack site.  I went to several other sites related to Visual Dialog Script and my internet security stopped me due to the same reason.  I was able to get to a few related sites but either they didn't have a download available or they were sites I personally avoid downloading from.  Should this file be included in the install?

I wasn't worried at all about the Norton warning about the initial download file because it is very overprotective and as a developer I often download files it finds suspicious.  However, the issues I'm running into obtaining this runtime file are concerning me. 

I'm not going to proceed until I hear back from someone here with further instructions on how to proceed and an assurance of safety for the VDS runtime.


I must have forgot to compile the runtime into the exe. All my apps have the runtime. I'll recompile and upload a little later today.


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