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Alternative to Linkman

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Yes indeed - version 8.80 fixed my problem above, thanks Outertech !


Are there any other alternatives to Linkman or LinkStash? not really because anything is wrong with either (although while using/trailing both I did experience a couple of crashes (for both!) but since I am/was unable to replicate I didn't report it to the devs)

So out of curiosity more than anything else, any other alternatives?

Are there any other alternatives to Linkman or LinkStash?
-rgdot (September 19, 2013, 01:30 PM)
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+1 - I'd be interested in knowing that too. :)

I'm still using Linkman...

But an alternative I was once looking for (maybe totally off topic) is a program that can take your bookmark list, save or index the bookmark pages so that they can later be searched OFFLINE. 

Something like this, but not cloud based:

I think LinkStash is great; I'm using 3.0.0 and haven't had any crashes.

From the resources list on the K-Meleon site, there's Bookmark Manager:
Bookmark Manager (BKM for short) is an open source tool for managing your bookmarks. You'll find everything about this tool on this Web site. Current news, new versions and other information.

vbBKM and pyBKM

BKM consists of two projects: vbBKM and pyBKM. vbBKM is a program developed in Visual Basic which works on the Microsoft Windows platform. pyBKM is a tool developed in Python running on multiple platforms.

vbBKM is a stable product and has as many features as any other bookmark management software available. But pyBKM is at very early stages and is not ready for production use, yet. See the two project pages (vbBKM and pyBKM) for details.
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No idea what it's like, sorry...


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