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Newsletter for November 28, 2012 - Countdown to NANY

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Newsletter for November 28, 2012"Countdown to NANY"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Hello dear readers.  It's been nearly five months since the last newsletter, so this is no doubt the first newsletter that many of you will have received from me.  If so, welcome.

What you'll find here is a collection of some of the more interesting discussion topics that have taken place on our forum in the last few months, as well as a list of new software updates from us, and a personal invitation from me to participate in our yearly "New Apps for the New Year (N.A.N.Y.)" event, which starts now and ends on January 1st, 2013.

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first:  For those of you who are users of my software (Screenshot Captor, Launchbar Commander, Find and Run Robot, etc.) there have been some substantial updates recently, including a new beta release of Screenshot Captor with a few very big new features (and more coming over in the following months).

Now to the main point of today's newsletter, to announce and invite you to participate in the "New Apps for the New Year (N.A.N.Y.) 2013" event.  This is our yearly celebration of programming, where we invite coders of all skills to help ring in the new year by releasing some new piece of free software to the public by New Year's Day.  It's not a competition -- there are no winners or losers.  Everyone is welcome to take part and all the participants get a DonationCoder mug commemorating the event.  

NANY is one of the funnest things we do, and the last few years have produced some great new programs.  If you're a programmer (hobbyist or pro), we want your participation!  If you're not a coder, we still want your participation -- drop by the NANY 2013 section, and help test new releases and suggest ideas for the programmers.

Do you know a friend who might be interested? Or do you write a blog or newsletter?  If so, please help us spread the word!  Whether you are a long time DonationCoder member or someone who has never visited the site before, everyone is welcome.  30 days is plenty of time to come up a fun little project to work on -- a game, a utility, whatever, and share it with our readers.   What can you create in 30 days?

Visit the NANY 2013 section of our forum to read more and ask questions:

2. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

We love nothing more than having interesting discussions on our forum -- and we love when new people participate in the discussions.  In each newsletter we try to highlight a few topics that we think might interest casual readers and that are good candidates for making your first post.

* Why did it never occur to me.. You can wash a keyboard in water  
* $300 Laptop/Netbook recommendations
* Help me understand Virtual Machine [VMWare]  
* Keyboard shortcut of the day
* About the Basement (Soap Box) Section
* The new DC Giveaways Section
* Help me choose an online backup service - updated
* Off-the-wall ideas for Christmas presents?
* DC Community Digital White Elephant

3. N.A.N.Y. (New Apps for the New Year) 2013 Updates

Last year we started NANY very early, at a slow and steady pace.. this year we're going back to our old chaotic model of a frenzied 30 day sprint..  Check out some of the early pledges and progress reports below.  And if you are a programmer or know someone who is, please tell them to stop by and pledge to release a new piece of freeware by New Year's Day.

* N.A.N.Y. - New Apps for the New Year - 2013
* And so it begins.. NANY 2013
* Please post requests!
* Carbon - website / blogging framework [alpha]
* Pledge: Track My Stuff!
* Withdrawn: Bead Designer
* Pledge: Codybox (Working title)
* Pledge: Text Merge from CSV and Template text files.
* Pledge: Simple picture gallery
* EARLY BETA: Customizable Remote Administration Panel (CRAP)
* Pledge: Brolands, a mod for Cortex Command
* Pledge: KeepUpApp, for keeping your applications up!
* Easy Screencast Recorder
* PLEDGE - Contractor's Work Log
* Pledge - Skyrim Character Manager
* Pledge: Blast Off!
* Pledge & Release: KyrTTS
* Super Simple Photo Resizer
* FreeNAS Brute Forcer
* Wordpress-basetheme

4. Mouser Software Updates

Since the last newsletter I've updated several of my larger programs.  The Screenshot Captor release is an early beta, which is half way through a giant update that will bring a bunch of new major features, and which will be out before the end of the year.

* LaunchBar Commander 1.133 - New Dock Style
* Screenshot Captor BETA 3.13 - Major experimental new features; video recording and quick capture docking bar
* Drag and Drop Robot 1.14.01 - Minor Update
* Find and Run Robot 2.203.01 - Big release with lots of new features and fixes
* Clipboard Help+Spell 2.16 - Lots of new features

5. Other Coding Snacks and Member Projects

The Coding Snacks section is one of the things that people appreciate the most on the forum -- it's where anyone can post a request for a custom piece of software -- and often find the requests granted overnight by one of the coders who inhabit the forum.  It's also a great place to get help learning to do a little quick coding.

* PastePath
* Paste As File
* Copy Contents
* Paste a screenshot in windows explorer
* Create dll file to change title bar of a software forever
* Toggle X-Mouse.
* A program to make Column Graphs
* Batch-create shortcuts from a CSV file
* Run At Specified Time
* Lightweight pdf viewer and editor
* Using AHK and PDFTK to combine daily pdf's
* Social media icon set, including one for DC
* How can I batch decompile icon files?
* ShapeShift and MoveIt Updates

6. Mini-Reviews

In the past few years we've drifted from larger reviews to user-written mini-reviews, and we've had quite a few posted since the last newsletter.

* Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - Mini-Review (calculator)
* iPad 3 and me
* MoveIt - windows management app - Mini-Review
* Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 - Mini-Review  
* 3-minute Review of the Samsung Chromebox Series 3
* PDF-XChange Viewer ($FREE version) - Mini-Review (as at 2012-10-04)
* Malwarebytes FREE and PRO - Mini-Review (as at 2012-10-30).
* SysExporter - (Screen-scraping) Export data from Windows controls - Mini-Review  
* Smallish RAMDisk benchmark
* OCR - comparisons of different software/capability

7. Fun, Humor, and Amusements on the Web

You've made it half way through the newsletter, so let's have a break.  Go make yourself a hot chocolate, and check out these fun websites and videos!

* Cool television show (lot of it on youtube): Penn and Teller Fool Us
* Great Talk on the Social Media Economy  
* World's oldest still working digital computer gets rebooted
* Micro Men (BBC, 2009) - Docufiction on English micro informatic pioneers
* Project Honeynet's HoneyMap displays cyberattacks in real time  
* DC Sci Fi Book Club!
* Hacked "hard" via the cloud.  
* The pleasure and possibilities of living a time-shifted life?
* 1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography
* Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter  
* What's a good discussion forum for movie buffs?
* Outing the Internet's worst troll.  
* Defense Grid 2 launched via Kickstarter
* Worms Revolution
* The story of Origin/Ultima/EA
* Stealth-focused Computer Games
* Cortex Command 1.0 is released
* A Large Database Of Free Games

8. General Software Discussion

Almost half the posts on the DC forum take the form of general software discussions, questions, recommendations, etc. These posts wind up in the General Software Discussion section and make it one of the most active sections of the DC forum.

* FreewareGenius Compares 13 Undelete Tools  
* FreewareGenius on the best free disk imaging programs  
* In search of ... cookie viewer w/create date
* Do copy acceleration utilities actually lower file transfer speeds?  
* Creating automatic bookmarks in a pdf
* Small free form db/notes software
* Fast Network Notetaking...
* How to Make Your Lost Phone Findable  
* Free Real-time online collaborative editing tools
* Portable alternative for Cathy (cataloging freeware) that runs on Win7 64 bit?

9. Specific Software Discussion and Software Services

This section of the newsletter draws attention to some of the standout discussions about specific programs that have been started since the last newsletter.  I've also put some small member software announcements here.

* Firefox 15 less of a memory hog
* SilverStripe - Easy to use open source CMS + Framework
* StressLinux - if you build, you'll want this.
* Open Dyslexic Fonts
* TED Downloader 3.0 : Download Videos from TED
* Onetastic - Multi-purpose add-in for Microsoft OneNote
* FrogTea
* Photo Scanner
* Copy Area
* SonicPhoto
* Link Snack 2.0
* SilverNote

10. Special Windows 8 Section

Since the last newsletter we've had a bunch of threads on the Microsoft's new Windows 8 Operating System:

* Scott Hanselman's Posts on Getting the Most from Windows 8  
* The Best New Features in Windows 8  
* Windows 8: Yes, it's that bad  
* Windows 8 Primer  
* How Windows 8 hopes to change everything - and likely not for the better.
* Neowin reviews Windows 8 - Leave your pre-conceived notions at the door  
* Win 8 password security review  
* Tips for Windows 8 (got any?)
* ArsTechnica hands-on review of Surface RT  

11. Website Discoveries, Debates, and Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out...

* What went wrong with Linux on the Desktop  
* Newest malware now able to target virtual machines?  
* Fake Reviews: Amazon's Rotten Core  
* You thought those cheap no-name USB/Phone charger were safe?  
* When Kickstarters Fail  
* The Unraveling of OnLive  
* Fake User Reviews...The unwinding scandal  
* What went wrong at Digg: publishers, PR hacks and power users ruled the roost  
* Article about Duck Duck Go search engine in Washington Post this weekend
* Major ISPs to implement "Six strike" rule
* Changes at Kickstarter...
* Who inherits your iTunes library?  
* In search of ... "Why is it" Websites/services
* Google announces micropayments via Google Wallet  
* Most BitTorrent users being monitored by copyright agencies, study finds
* Terms of Service; Didn't Read - Very interesting site

12. Developer's Corner

Some people mistakenly think that the DonationCoder forum is only for coders -- which couldn't be farther from the truth!  Everyone is welcome and we discuss all manner of things, the overwhelming majority have nothing to do with coding.  This section highlights some discussions that might be relevant for developers or the self-employed.

* Light Table - a new way to view IDEs
* Cross Platform Game Development - MonoGame
* Language Benchmark Speed Tests
* Does anyone know any article comparing/analyzing CMS admin areas?
* Newsletters - how to do them properly
* FREE Programming eBooks! (and a C++ book for C# devs)
* Torque 3D Game Engine going open source (MIT)
* Licensing Free Software
* Bid for Fix
* In search of a good/cheap credit card payment service provider
* FTC to give $50,000 for robocall solution
* FundaGeek
* The unique excitement of coding something emergent

13. Hardware Hideout

Although most of our forum discussions are about software, there are always some interesting hardware and gadget threads popping up.

* new DVD "M-Disc" perfect for archive material  
* Barebone server: what else do I need to complete it?
* Should we pre-emptively retire old hard drives?  
* In search of ... opinions on RAID at home
* Anything wrong with formatting a USB stick in NTFS?
* [url=] Open source cell phone projects.

Thanks to DC member ewemoa as usual for his help with preparing the newsletter.

Yay Newsletter!

Google has decided to file our newsletters into spam folder, so if you have a gmail address and haven't received our newsletter that's probably why. Official google policy seems to be that they do what they want and don't have to explain themselves to anyone so not really anything we can do about it.  Thank you google!

Nice newsletter. Thanks for the effort it took into putting it together. :Thmbsup:


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