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Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 - Atmosphere done right - Travel back in time to the 1940s

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I have felt an urge to play a computer game lately, but none are doing it for me.

Then I picked up Mafia II -- it' set in the 40s and 50s;  the atmosphere is so damn beautiful and alluring..  Walking around I feel like I have traveled back in time, just looking at the buildings and landscape and listening to the music (think The Andrews Sisters).. It's enough to make you drool.. I just want to jump in my screen and live there.

If you ever wanted to travel back in time to the 40s+50s in a fictional gangster world, I can't recommend it enough.

(Mafia I was similarly enthralling and atmospheric and set in the 1920/1930s ?)

And if you want to play detective in the 1940s, it looks like L.A.Noire has some good atmosphere too (can't speak for the gameplay):

Both blocked here :(

here's one of Mafia II that's working here/now

edit/ I forgot to say :-[ - it looks great :up:

Just finished Mafia 2 -- *LOVED* it.  Felt like living in a gangster film.  Definitely up there with my top 5 video game experiences.  I remember feeling similarly after playing Mafia 1.  It's the total atmosphere -- the music, the graphics, the story, the gameplay, everything.  It feels like you are living in a movie like the Godfather.

Official Mafia 2 Trailers:


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