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What flavors of basic?

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I'm not sure if we should have different sections for the various flavors of basic, like:

* Miscrosoft's visual basic -
* Gerome's FBSL (Freestyle Basic Scripting Language) -
* And others..

Perhaps start with a single section and see if there's demand for more? One lesson we learnt at is that too much fragmentation makes people confused.

i definitely believe that too many sections is bad, and can lead to less conversation..
in this case the programming school is a bit different since its really meant mainly just for people to get and submit assignments so its not a big deal to have a bunch of sections i think.

Carol Haynes:
How about having a sticky "Before posting here read this" topic stating the posting code in the Basic section (by the way that should be BASIC, all capitals) should be prefixed by the BASIC flavour at the beginning of the thread title. Same for C/C++ etc. that way similar issues in different flavours are dealt with in one place rather than scattered where many won't look?

eg. if someone is using VB then they are only likely to look in the VB section, whereas a thread "FSBL how do I ..." may have application to more than one language flavour.

Maybe you should have seperate sections for and the rest, since in the .net version Microsoft really changed quite a lot of stuff.  In fact, I recently discovered the MS Visual Studio Express 2005 apps and downloaded them all and decided to get back into programming.  Right now, I am working on visual basic, but I think I am going to move over to C# when I feel pretty secure in VB.


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