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NANY 2013: wordpress-basetheme

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I’ve released a first look at “WordPress Base Theme“, a bare bones base for your own themes:

* DRY (don't repeat yourself)
* KISS (keep it simple stupid)
* easily customisable WordPress base theme.
* uses post formats (standard and link have been implemented)

You can build on this to speed up your own theme development. It's so minimal that I wouldn't recommend it as your final site theme. Instead it makes it trivial to apply your design to a wordpress blog, or to build out from this starting point.

single view:

There must be some wordpress users on DC, so feedback is welcome :) Pull requests are also.

Big WordPress user, will have a look, thanks :)

What does it compare to, and why is it better?

Compared to starting from scratch: This is faster than that plus gives you a better base than piecing together snippets from the wordpress documentation, I have some of the work.
It's also (or will become with your help :P) a more reusable base to build off of than other themes and base themes I have seen around because I have left out functionality that is custom to your theme while sensibly implementing shared functionality.

1.1 now available
Download | View on GitHub

* updated styling and version
* previous next buttons on singles
* ie style targeting (unused), remove admin bar until supported, top nav
* archives added and accessibility improvement
* date permalinks
* consistent titling
* edit link in footer, no home
* moved comments into its own template file
* padding issue


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