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N.A.N.Y. 2013 text-writing improvement idea


I have an idea to improve text-writing, but I am unable to implement it, if it has to be done properly. I can fix a crude version of it in autohotkey, in a day maybe, but it wouldn't be worth using. So if anyone finds it useful and can work it out, here it is:

I sometimes use specific words more frequently than I like. It would be a nice and very unique feature if I could implement a check for repetitive words in typing. For instance, a beep or display a pop-up (at user's option of course) if any word (other than those in a whitelist. we don't want to make the computer beep every time we write "the", "I", "a", "in", "that", "and" etc. You get the idea.) is typed twice in the list of last n words (let the user define the variable n).

In a nutshell, it is basically to remind me I repeat some words too much. Basically, it serves to help me produce better texts. Basically, it would warn me against writing "basically" three times (four technically) in only so much words.

I believe I can use some form of array to store a fixed number of words typed (separated by spaces, quotation marks, punctuation etc.), and check every new word against those in the array, and make a beep if a match is found. But the whitelisting function and the user defined number of last words to be checked are beyond me.

Even a further refinement would be to provide an option to query a thesaurus and offer replacements. But I am not sure that would be wise to provide such a tool to college freshmen writing essays.

Anyway, if you like the idea, it's yours now.


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