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Screenshot Captor - New Quick Capture Bar

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Mouser, when I use a tool like this, I only want the toolbar. For example, my current program is faststone capture which ONLY OPERATES as a toolbar. Once I know the icons, I get what I want with either a hotkey or a quick click (depending on if I feel like using my mouse). This is how I envision the toolbar for SsC. Once I perform the capture from clicking, I should be prompted with what I want to do with the capture.

I feel these icons would suffice as a default icon set: Screen, Active Window, Region, Object, Repeat, Settings, Close Toolbar/Quit

how it should be set up to be the most gentle introduction to SC for new users-mouser (February 26, 2013, 06:19 PM)
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One big red button that says "You're not ready for this!"

I've noticed a new bug that is messing up the bar width.. I'm working on it..

Delay is good :up: (FWIW I'd prefer more of a delay myself)

Close icon is more disceet.

I would suggest moving the post capture options to the drop-down menu in the default bar.

PS - I reckon I will use this almost full time as well,
for me it provides the ulimate in ease-of-use and control

I'm a fan :-*

I find it drops down too easily. With a window taking up the full left-hand-side of screen - trying to reach it's close-button is difficult because the bar keeps dropping down.

When the toolbar autohides, I'd prefer if there were less of it visible (I presume that visible strip triggers the drop down - so related to above).
-tomos (February 26, 2013, 05:37 PM)
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I keep getting caught by this - I often have a window taking up half the screen so it's minimise/close buttons are exactly where the toolbar drops down. I seem to tend to move the mouse up there kind of slowly and the toolbar comes down, even though I havent hit the edge.

See this -
it's the autohidden taskbar in Windows 7 (desktop image is black here) - I added shadow so that you could see the one pixel strip they show to indicate the open programmes

point being that one pixel is very visible...
Basically saying I'd prefer if the hidden toolbar only showed one pixel - [edit] not sure how many it currently has [/edit]

But I'll get used to it if you want to keep it like this ;-)


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