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Screenshot Captor - New Quick Capture Bar

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How is the progress going on this Mouser?? 

As indicated in this crosspost ...
I managed to setup Minicap ( so that it's fully transparent   :)

Used command line
"C:\Program Files\MiniCap\MiniCap.exe" -captureregselect -save C:\Users\Kunkel\Minicaps\Img-$date$-$uniquenum0$.png -exit  -postrun "C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\Tools\sImgurUploader\sImgurUploader.exe $file$"
Had to make a folder for Minicap to save files.  Works good though.  I'll cross-post this over there....
-kunkel321 (December 28, 2012, 02:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

Would be kindof neat if your Quick Cap Bar could give a similar option.  Not necessarily launching MiniCap...   I just mean the "transparent" part.

Here's a little tour of the new quick capture bar; user can configure it to look differently based on their needs.  I'm just using generic icons for the capture modes since i dont have icons for those yet:

ps. The animated gif was created from within Screenshot Captor -- it's a brand new feature.

Lotsa good stuff!

… but it's no good to me if it's going to keep moving around like that. There won't be time for me to get my mouse pointer to the right place.

I like the latest version, and the idea of being able to customize the quick capture bar to suit the user's needs (wants).  It looks like the challenge will be balancing 'customizability' with simplicity of use.  Is it correct to assume that you want to set up the default configuration to be obvious for new users, while preserving the ability of veteran users to customize the interface to fit any given task?

Hamradio just created a kick-ass set of icons for the quick capture bar!

Feast your eyes on this:


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