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Screenshot Captor - New Quick Capture Bar

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Mouser, download the FS Capture last free version and take a look at their floating bar ... Maybe this will give you some new ideas ...

Mouser, do you have a screenshot of the thinner toolbar in expanded mode?

I think this version of the toolbar looks much cleaner, much more visually appealing, and will fit in nicely regardless of where it is placed on the screen.

I also agree that slimmer is nicer looking.  
Also, as Ath says, the arrow should point in the "desired" direction, not the "current" direction... (IMHO)

At the risk of touting the competition, I find the capture bar of FScapture to be by far the easiest to use. It has a (configurable) row of easy to understand icons for each type of capture (e.g., entire desktop, active/current screen, user defined region, scrolling, - - -).  Using a drop down menu for these options adds an extra step.

I notice a general tendency of programmers that is increasingly frustrating for me, as a user: Packing more and more options into an application. Each user interface is always a little different. So for each new app., I must learn to navagate a new set of menus, hotspots, hotkeys, settings - - -.

This had been solved for a time when Apple and Microsoft adapted a relatively standard menu interface for everything whatsoever. But this seems to have broken down. Now, so many new whatevers seem to have new looks and feels.

I like the drop down options, very nice.
If I want it to look like faststone, I will use faststone.
But I don't.


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