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Screenshot Captor - New Quick Capture Bar

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Just a screenshot showing the draft look of the new (OPTIONAL) quick capture bar.  It floats on the desktop on top of other apps and you can drag it around.  I may make an option for it to dock at top of screen too.

The idea is that this might be a more friendly interface for people who have trouble remembering hotkeys.  It also has the advantage of letting you quickly change what to do with the image after it's captured.

Obviously I need to improve the look of it substantially (better buttons, etc.)

Pretty cool.  Any chance of making this a front-end for the Screencaster too?   :P :-*

The screencaster already has a very similar front end, at least in spirit if not in dialog dimensions:

Having said that, eventuallyThe SC Quick Capture Bar will also have options in "what to capture" list to start a screencast, so you'll be able to initiate a screencast from it (as well as from a hotkey in SC, etc.).

Great to see -
I think it doesnt need much - a nicer monitor image, maybe remove that outer frame-line and your off ;-)

Updated screenshot:

Docking is also now implemented -- so you can dock the bar to the top of the screen and it will slide hidden out of the way until you mouse over it.


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