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removing all the touch-oriented features of Windows 8

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I want to move to Windows 8, given it's more fast, etc, but why should I install an OS that supports touch devices, since my desktop hardware will never (well, at least for the next couple of years) support touch screen?

is there a way to completely remove it?


Stay with Windows 7 :P :D
I dont see any reason to remove "it" (what exactly do you mean by "it" btw?) - doesnt slow anything down (here).

Here's some tips about avoiding the tiles:


Boot to desktop:
Go to the start screen and type in "schedule" to search for Schedule Task in Settings. Click on Task Scheduler Library to the left, and select Create Task. Name your task something like "Boot to desktop." Now select the Triggers tab, choose New, and use the drop-down box to select starting the task "At log on." Click OK and go to the Actions tab, choose New, and enter "explorer" for the Program/Script value. Press OK, save the task, and restart to test it out!
via (ewemoa #13)
"Skip Metro Suite" [UNTESTED - I'll give it a go myself sometime in the next few days] (Tom #8)
This one can also remove the 'hot corners' that popup the Switcher/Charmsbar/etc (there's a bunch of other tweak apps & tips here)
The Best Articles for Using and Customizing Windows 8 (How-to Geek)
-tomos (November 15, 2012, 02:41 PM)
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the winaero site has a bunch of apps that can remove or limit the Metro experience - I have not tried any of them.
The how-to geek page has lots of links about customising different aspects of Win8


* Classic Shell is probably the best way to avoid the new 'Modern UI' with tiles etc.
* If no touch-capable I/O devices are detected, most touch functions won't have any impact on normal day-to-day use of Windows 8
(and: Windows 7 already has integrated support for tablets and other 'touch' based devices too... :o)

Is win8 lighter and faster as for consuming resources? if so it may be a good idea to give it a try, I guess MS is preparing their OS to be fully compatible with both desktop and tablet hardware to get into the lost market of touch devices. Their win7 was being used by few people so with this win8(failed win7+1) they expect to get into the mobile market from their strong position in desktop pc.

Is win8 lighter and faster as for consuming resources?
-kilele (November 21, 2012, 06:27 AM)
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Surely you jest!


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