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Firefox 16 search engine keywords stored where?


I'm looking for an easy way to duplicate the search engine settings, including keywords for the location bar.  I can't find where they are stored.  I've looked through the xml files for the search entries themselves. But it doesn't store the keyword there.  I'd rather copy 'em over than keep typing them in every time I change one.

That setting seems to be stored in the profile directory in a file called search-metadata.json

I changed the alias for Google to 'gggggl', and this is how it's stored:

--- Code: Text ---{"[app]/google.xml":{"used":1,"alias":"gggggl"}}
It references the search definitions as found in {firefoxProgramFilesDir}/searchplugins (*.xml)

Thanks. I thought I looked in there. Guess I didn't look closely enough. :)

That worked.  Thanks.   :Thmbsup:


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