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Keyboard shortcut of the day

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More Notepad madness, courtesy of Stephen in the IRC:

Windows 7 (with aero theme) desktop shortcut & alttab variations.

With CtrlAltTab, the 'switcher' is shown, but you dont have to keep the keys pressed.
Which is nice if you want to tune out for a bit in no man's land :)

Show the XP style alt-tab (without enabling classic theme):
    Hold down the left alt key.
    Press and release the right alt key.
    Keeping the left alt key held down the whole time, now tab-tab-tab away

Winkey+Spacebar shows the desktop temporarily

Cool, tomos! I didn't know about any of those.

I haven't read this thread, so many this was already mentioned, but don't forget about Windows+Tab for a 3D-ish window preview as you tab through your open windows.

Ctrl+Shift+T in a browser.

WinKey+B for system tray access and navigation via the left/right arrows.


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