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Keyboard shortcut of the day

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I want to nominate ctrl-backspace for keyboard shortcut of the day. I have been using pcs for close to 20 years now and never realised that you could remove the previous word using ctrl-backspace!

Any unusual shortcuts you think we should know about?

Oh dear. I didn't know that. That's a good one.  :up:

Me neither - that's a great one.
I was always very impressed by how in the early days of desktop, everything would be done with shortcuts/keyboard. (I know they had no choice.)

These related ones are probably known by everyone:Ctrl+Arrow to skip back forward one or more words in direction of the arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow to select one or more words in direction of the arrow
Ctrl+Home or +End to move cursor to beginning or end of text.
Ctrl+Shift+Home or +End to select text between cursor and the beginning or the end of text.

Stoic Joker:
Another one that's been around for awhile (and is probably seldom used) is now imperative if you want to logoff of (not disconnect from) an RDP session to a Windows 8 or Server 2012 machine is Ctrl + Alt + End. I've been using it and Ctrl + Alt + Break (toggle Remote Desktop full screen mode (So the Win key works on the remote box)) quite a bit lately on a Client's 2012 Server.

Yeah, count me in for not knowing any of those.


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