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I'll join in. :Thmbsup:

I'm going to regret it but what the hell, I'm in  :P

It seems that we have enough interest :)  I'll post the official announcement and signups around the first, and we can start the exchanges hopefully on the 15th.

I was thinking of the following parameters:

* Nothing above $10
* Everything must be digital, with a code that can be PM'd to the receiver
* Everyone is randomly assigned a person
* One person is randomly chosen to start, and the person that they were gifted by is revealed.
* The next person then has their gifter revealed, and chooses whether to keep their gifter, or take one that was given before
* Two times through the list, with a maximum of two steals of any gift are possible-wraith808 (November 20, 2012, 04:20 PM)
--- End quote ---

I don't think I have anything under $10, at least, not digital  ;).


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