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Did you get a deal on software and find out you already had it?  Or what about a bundle that includes duplicates of things that you have?  Then this section is for you!

This section is for posts relating to things (software, hardware, etc) that members of the community have to give away.

Any kind of products that you are willing to ship and/or e-mail to others can be included (the offers should be at a minimum be computer related), though no financial recompense should be expected.  How the offer is given away should be determined by the giver, though it is suggested that they be limited to people that actively participate (or have participated) on the board, to keep people from trolling this area for freebies.

Companies can do giveaways too- but you must make clear your affiliation with the company in question.

Please do not spam the section with repeated multiple posts.

To be clear, this section exists purely for the reward of being able to gift someone with something that they might like to have- not for promotion or any other reason.

Nice idea :-*

What is the story with software - is it okay to simply pass that on if it's not being used?
What's the story if your name is required for regristration - is it then simply a case of am I comfortable with this - or does it actually depend on the software's license (whether it's okay).

I was going through my 2011 accounts last week and there were quite a few (relatively small) purchases that were never installed...

I was thinking about that- we don't want to encourage any violations of TOS/EULA, but in the end, enforcing such things is going to be up to the parties involved.  Again, this is for the recycling of software that might not be in use/might be undesired- I buy a lot of stuff on Bits/Steam/Galas that I end up never using or have a copy of and forgot it.  It is in that spirit that things should be posted and given away.  :Thmbsup:


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