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N.A.N.Y 2013 Submission - BookCrop

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Anybody get this to work in windows 10?
-jedidiah123 (February 22, 2017, 05:18 AM)
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What is it that does not work? Do you get an error message?

If you get "Error: GraphicsMagick not found" then the problem is that some recent version of GraphicsMagick installer has changed their registry paths so BookCrop does not find it. I'm attaching a new version that fixes that problem. Working for me here in Windows 10. No other changes compared to the 160412 version.

hashes version 170226
2e2bfbb52e9305547b7eef142f81e7ba *BookCrop.ahk
381e6dd5e44135c392a3968925ebb023 *BookCrop.exe
08c8d8b15a7b3063161abb5c7c06cdf6 *BookCrop.ico
f2fb36506b309265c7ee8ab172f85928 *


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