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I propose we have a thread where we can recommend gadgets that we like, but I suggest we follow some strict rules to make things more interesting.

Here are the rules:

* 1. You may ONLY post about ONE gadget per week, and only on a FRIDAY WEEKEND.
* 2. Every gadget item post must include an attached image of the gadget.
* 3. Every gadget item posted about should be for sale somewhere; you may include a purchase link with an affiliate/referral id.
* 4. You must personally OWN the item you are posting about.
* 5. The goal is to introduce gadget addicts to new discoveries.
NOTE: You can make posts on this thread on any day to discuss the items posted about by others - the rules and restriction above only apply to making new posts introducing new gadgets.

The first Gadget FRIDAY WEEKEND starts in 3 hours!
(remember, you can't post on any other day except when forum time, in upper-right corner of page, says it's a Friday).

Sounds like a fantastic idea! :D

I think it would be a bonus to post a picture of the gadget you have, but that could be a PITA.

Due to timezones, do we just start on our own? I'm in GMT +10, and it shows Friday for me.

Hmm I didn't realize local time zone affects what is displayed, perhaps I should fix that.. But the answer is *no* -- we are enforcing a single timezone rule here, so you have to wait for Friday as defined by Central Standard Time.

Ok. Looks like 5 pm here then. Thanks for the clarification.

I propose we have a thread where we can recommend gadgets that we like, -mouser (November 15, 2012, 09:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

Gadget to be read as in 'totally generic gadget', or does it have to be software-ish?


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