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It arrived on Oct 2! I'm very pleased about the quick shipping time. But I'm currently very busy focusing nearly every free moment I have on Ludum Dare 47, so it may be a few days before I get it unpackaged and properly set up.-Deozaan (October 03, 2020, 03:55 AM)
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If I procrastinate long enough you might beat me to writing a mini-review

Not a weekend, but a new gadget.  I joined the Kickstarter for the Suunlu Filadryer S1.  It's a storage and filament drying solution all in one.  Why do you need to dry your filament?  Have you had a spool that worked well out of the box, but over time, you've had problems with it?  In some cases, this can be because the uncured material can absorb humidity.  How much really depends on your environment.  There are other ways of drying your filament, but there's a point in temperature where the filament will start to soften (the same thing that your hot end does), and I'm not adventurous enough to try to walk that line in something like an oven.

Today I got it in- I haven't had a chance to try it, but figured I'd post my unboxing videos.


Some reviews from other sources.

I recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 ($500); one of the things that has surprised me the most was how comfortable it is to mark up pdf documents with the pen while reading.
This is one of the things I have struggled with the most when trying to move from reading physical print books to ebooks -- I miss marking up the margins and underlining/circling important parts with a red marker.
I did not expect to use the pen of this tablet at all, but I find it is quite satisfying -- even if it is only a psychological thing being able to mark up the document :)

Just arrived, a pair of Pi Case 40's to replace the heatsink cases on my RasPi 4B's.


NOTE: For anyone who's interested in these just be aware that you won't be able to use expansion 'hats' due to the reversed GPIO pin layout, (not a problem for me).  And to be fair to Cooler Master the case was always marketed as a rugged travel case for the RasPi.

That Cooler Master case looks very nice! I think I'd like something like that, if I didn't already have a case for my RPi4 8GB model I purchased a few months ago. Speaking of...

the heatsink cases on my RasPi 4B's.
-4wd (December 11, 2020, 08:08 PM)
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You mean like this?

I got the above heatsink case to go with my Pi. I'm normally very utilitarian and don't care too much about how things look and just go for black, but I really like the colorful options this case comes in.

My only complaint about it is that it doesn't quite fully encase the board. Which, in practice, means that the microSD card is poking out a few millimeters, exposed to damage from bumps or drops. On the other hand, this also makes it a bit easier to get in and out. But on the other other hand, my device isn't really going anywhere (so I'm unlikely to bump or drop it) and I'm not doing anything with it that requires frequent removal/reinsertion of the microSD card.

Also, even though I don't power it on and off very often now that it's all set up and doing what I got it to do, I've found it indispensable to have some kind of power switch for the Pi for those times when you are setting it up and having to frequently turn it off and on again. I've always gone with a switch on the power cable rather than a switch on the case. Something like this:


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