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I found these headphones. They are in-ear models. After removing the neoprene plugs and cleaning all parts with alcohol, then reassembling them, I tested them out and found that they give superb clarity of audio (e.g., in Fallout).
I found the photo (below) after doing a search for Images of "Sony Walkman headphones".

I have been unable to find a technical specification for these headphones though.

The plug has 3 segments and goes into the combined headphone/mic socket on my HP Pavilion 15 laptop. The circle of little holes on the back of each earphone is apparently a microphone. Testing the mics with Audacity, the RH one is much the loudest, so I suspect the plug is a proprietary Sony design that allows for a two-channel mic, which channels feed into the respective RH and LH noise-cancelling circuitry in the Walkman player.
I was wondering whether I could adapt them to use as a binaural stereo mic.

My full description is: Sony Ericsson Walkman Series in-ear headphones (with the "W" on the back) for ambient noise-cancelling audio from certain Walkman players.

Somewhere I recently heard about a good alternative for compressed air, which is an electric air duster. I can't remember where I heard of it. I didn't know such a thing existed in such a relatively small and affordable form. So I ended up getting one. Then I came to post about it here and was pretty sure I found some other thread from years ago mention basically the same thing I bought, but now I can't find that thread either.

Anyway, here's my new gadget:

XPOWER Airrow Pro A-2 Air Duster

I haven't really had a chance to use it yet. I did plug it in and turn it on long enough to get an idea for how much force it uses. Seems like it will be powerful enough to get the job done. Hopefully it lasts long enough to end up costing less than it would if I kept buying compressed air over the years.

How about some new gadgets, folks!?


I got the 2nd gen Echo Dot. I've never been a fan of voice commands, talking to Siri only confirms how daft this category of AI really is. The Echo's introductory price was ridiculously low, they were all but giving them away so I got one just to see what the fuss was about.

As expected, it wasn't anything revolutionary, the responses are mainly hardcoded to certain keywords. Alexa has no real AI to speak of, if she doesn't recognize a keyword she's at a total loss.

Some things work great though - setting quick reminders, doing calculations or defining a word are all really convenient, but none of these make the Echo a must have device.

The speaker is shit for listening to music but the new gen devices have a line out, so I hooked it up to my mac, which in turn is hooked up to my main sound system. I connected my Spotify account and O.M.G - the convenience of listening to any song (without compromising sound quality) in an instant is truly revolutionary. Understanding the concept really doesn't do it justice, you have to actually use it so realize how bloody wonderful it is. I can't recommend this enough to anyone whose setup allows them to hook the Echo up to a proper sound system.

Got a Xiaomi Dafang IP camera recently (under AU$20 delivered):


XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera Highlights:

* Microphone – Can pick sounds up to 10M
* Photos – Can take photographs in 360 degrees or 93 degrees
* Remotely controlled – using Xiaomi “Mi Home” App ( Apple Store / Google Play )
* Support OS – Android 4.0 and above, iOS 7.0 and above system devices
* Night vision – built in 6 pieces of 940nm infrared complimentary light, which
* IR-cut (Night vision) – support day and night auto switching can restore night vision scene in 18 order grayscale.
* Intercom – Two-way audio, you can talk to your family when you are not at home
* Storage – Support Micro-SD Card up to 64GB  & USB Dongle ( not included )
* Resolution – 1080P FHD 15fps with F 2.3 aperture lens providing a clear image
* Rotation – 110-degrees rotation, and 98 degrees vertical using the gimbal
* Lens – 110 degree super wide angle FOV
* Intelligent detection (AI) – The gimbal will automatically track, watch and monitor home while marking objects in a Green frame mark.
* Motion and sound detection – Can detect the smoke and CO alarm, send a notification when an alarm is triggered.
* PIP Mode – narrowing the monitoring scene to floating window, such as chatting and monitoring together.
It's quite good the only real complaint I have against it is the requirement of a Mi account before you can use it.  There's no RTSP output so you can use off-the-shelf programs to monitor it however on GitHub there is a project aiming to implement it.


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