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Is it loud?

They have a new much more expensive model that is supposed to be much quieter (with a more powerful motor), so if you use it frequently you might consider that.
This model didn't seem as loud as i feared though -- quieter than a loud blender.

Okay, I haven't visited gadget weekends much, but I figured I'd chime in this time.

In this age of planned obsolescence, it's nice when something gives you its money's worth!

Anyone have one of these circular perpetual calendars? (Mine is almost identical, but only has a 40 year range, not a 50 year one.)

It astounds me that I somehow managed to hold onto it ... it's "just what it is", but through all my moves, my subconscious apparently kept telling me to keep it in that "box of special things at the top of the moving pile". Mine is from 1999, with a range of 1999-2038. Being the creaky old birdie I am now, as of this year I have managed to hold onto it for 40% of its rated value ... with 60% left! That's the best $20 I ever spent! (I got it at a gift store somewhere.)

I guess it can also be a sort of countdown reminder for:

I guess it can also be a sort of countdown reminder for:
-ewemoa (November 01, 2014, 07:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

Haha good catch! I'd heard about that, but the odds of my getting one that happens to end on that exact scenario are ultra rare! (I mean, it was from 1999, I'd barely heard about the throes of Y2K - I was actually in a temp job assignment once doing some data checking about that!)


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