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That looks great.  I have a similar set but without the extension bars -- which look very useful.  For those that are curious, the second extension bar there is bendable, which would let you access some otherwise inaccessible areas. 

For those that are curious, the second extension bar there is bendable, which would let you access some otherwise inaccessible areas.  
-mouser (March 02, 2014, 04:39 AM)
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I've used that feature once so far and for that case it worked ok.

One thing I'd look for in the future is additional larger attachments -- the largest pieces in this set are a little small for some other screws around the house...including the following recent addition to our household:


Ikea Helmer Cabinet Clone (Amazon Link)

As a side note, found the following "hack" of the cabinet:


Helmer-Air Renderfarm via Article at

So, I bought one of these for my husband, so he can make zucchini spaghetti. (he's a diabetic and shouldn't be eating real pasta)

Seems to work pretty good and he is having a lot of fun with it. And once the zucchini is steamed, it has a very similar texture to pasta. He's a very happy guy!  :)

I got myself a LIFX!

Here's a link to the LIFX website.

It's a RGB+W LED lightbulb with WiFi connection. It's very bright at up to 1000 lumens, and can light up with basically any color, or white in various temperatures. In a multibulbs setup, a LIFX connect to the home network and then works as a gateway to a mesh network with all the other bulbs. I believe the bulb run on Contiki. So it's basically a network controlled light, and so the applications can be endless: from mood lighting to visual notification, wakeup alerts, etc.

Here's a demo I made using the LIFXtend software, to create a room wide Ambilight-like effect:

I become intrigued with LIFX back when they run their (very successful) Kickstarter campaign, and now that it's generally available I just had to get one to play a bit.

Note that, in the mean time, other similar systems have become available. There's for example the Philips Hue line: it's the more complete & supported out of the box, and include bulbs, LED strips, accent lights / desk lamps. Another one is distributed under various brands: LimitlessLED, MiLight, EasyBulb, etc.: it's probably the one with the better price/features ratio.
Both these other systems needs and hub to connected to the home network, that in turn communicate with the lights via other RF system (ZigBee for the Philips, and probably the other also).

I'd be interested in hearing how you like it and whether you find real use for it :up:


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