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Depending on the power and distance from the laser, you can even be permanently blinded by laser light.
-Tinman57 (July 07, 2013, 07:56 PM)
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I presume they use led lights(?) - they come with a warning that they will damage your sight if shined directly in the eyes. A lot of cyclists dont realise their power - I've had to flash my lights at a few that were blinding me with a lamp at the wrong angle.

I presume they use led lights(?)-tomos (July 08, 2013, 07:42 AM)
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Solid State Lasers, (eg. the majority of Laser pointers), use Laser diodes, slightly different to LEDs in the method they use to generate light.


Thermomix. Totally insane. Just crazy what you can do with it. Off the hook. No words to describe it. I'd heard about it and thought, "Meh, whatever." No... It's simply mind-blowing.

A close friend of my wife gave us one.

You have to see it in action to believe that it can do. You'll read about it a bit, but it doesn't sink in until you SEE it done.

A few things you can do:

* Make flour
* Make butter
* Make ginger ale
Speaking of... I think I'll crack a bottle of ginger ale that I made with it right now!

Now *THAT*, dear sir, is a GADGET!

As far as gadgets go, you can do a lot worse than a "weather station".

I've gone through a couple but here's my current favorite:

It's $55, looks great, and has the features I love:

* Shows BOTH indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity (with highs and lows for both), at the same time (outdoor sensor included).
* Shows current date and time, and has internal clock battery so won't lose time when losing power.
* Powered by included ac adapter (warning: will *not* run purely off batteries for long)
* It also tries to predict weather and shows moon phase but i think those are useless.
For some reason it's not for sale on amazon -- but is available at the maker's site:

There are a million of these weather stations sold at all kinds of price points.  Personally this one hits the sweet spot for me in terms of displaying nicely all the key information without lots of extra useless info.


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