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Lately I've been trying to get into shape and take better care of myself. One novel piece of that equation is the Fitbit One, which is basically a pedometer on steroids. All data is all synchronized with their companion web service via wifi or bluetooth where it plots my activity level throughout the day, keeps track nutrition and compares my calories in v. out.

Being cloud based, it's not for the disconnected-by-choice types, but... I love data!

Bought this milk frother and heater over the weekend and has been loving it so far.

Milk is now heated evenly to a precise temperature on demand, and is extremely easy and quick to clean.

Copied from my FB post:

Winter is here! I have decided that a cup of warm flavoured milk might become a more regular part of my repertoire this winter, while trying to snooze on bed till the last minute... Therefore sharing this idea/recipe/appliance from my neighbour Ophelia... Until I paid a visit to her kitchen I was still struggling to make the perfectly heated/frothed drinks this winter! I know my kitchen is basically a Breville showroom but this one really deserves extra commendation!

It is very user-friendly for coffee-making beginners, and for me... tons of great non-coffee drinks. So far I've tried to froth normal milk, rice milk, and soy milk with it, with great results.

The machine whirs away like mad until the milk reaches the desired set temperature and a nice cap of foam has formed.. and add pureed fruit / jam / chocolate you get perfectly heated, frothed, and evenly flavoured milk.

It amazes me how kitchen automation has evolved over the years, now you seem to be able to get an appliance for any specific purpose... all we need is a kitchen the size of a studio apartment right? ;)

Forgot to post this last weekend...

Vintage gadget: Ronco Cookie Machine

Click the image to see the original 70's TV commercial.  :D

Yes, I do own this. I was going to take some photos of it in action by making some cookies, but then I got sidetracked by some work...and then the weather got hot & humid, so baking is out of the question.  :(

Bought this last weekend and have been pretty happy with it. Probably great for someone busy with work / lazy at home. It removes the need to flip eggs sing a spatula and makes life so much easier.  :-*

Good for cooking simple/filled/egg white omelette, or just fried eggs, two at once.

The unit does not have an on/off switch so if you use it on a timer switch, guess what, the process can be fully automated... put everything in the cooking wells, schedule the timer for start/stop times in the morning and you wake up with fresh, hot omelettes cooked just on time!

Link is here:

I don't think anyone has yet posted about a pod/k-cup style coffee brewer.  The cost-per-cup of these things is expensive, BUT if you have guests over who like coffee, it's impossible to deny the convenience and flexibility and fun of these appliances.


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