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It looks like the stuff I used to line our cupboards. Never thought to use it elsewhere though. That might be because it's all used already. :D
-Renegade (December 15, 2012, 11:21 PM)
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He he.  It turns out what the local supply was purchased for was to keep certain other things in place so it was all used up at the time -- but then came rearrangement time and suddenly there were multiple articles begging to be used elsewhere :)

IIRC, I bought it in a roll. Was that how yours came?

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I don't remember cutting anything -- I think these were pre-sized individual pieces.

Last apartment I lived in had a window inside the shower, that the sill wasn't quite level. I used a piece of similar stuff to keep the shampoo bottles from sliding off.

I bought this amazing car tablet mount about 3 months ago and together with an Asus Transformer Prime tablet they make the most powerful infotainment system I have ever seen/used... I have been requested by a growing number of friends to assist getting this mount to work on their cars so I figure I might as well share it here.

The holder gives you a very secure yet low profile mounting option, making a tablet easily accessible from driver's location without obstructing vision for the road. Connecting the tablet to your onboard bluetooth system or AUX port with one of these is easy as ABC:

The mount can be bought here or from ebay:

Youtube video:

Not a photo of my car/mount, just an image from amazon taken by one of the actual buyers.


  These are good to have for cat owners because the more cats drink the less chance they have of having urinary tract problems, which cats are well known for....
-Tinman57 (December 15, 2012, 07:17 PM)
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Didn't know that.
-Renegade (December 15, 2012, 08:22 PM)
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  My mom called me a couple of weeks ago and asked why her cat would start urinating on the bed every day.  I told her it was most likely a urinary tract problem, the poor kitty associating the litter box with pain, therefore trying to pee somewhere it didn't hurt.
  Anyhow, she took it to the vet and found the cat had a urinary tract infection and put it on the appropriate drugs.  Kitty is now well and using the litter box again instead of the bed....

While we are on the subject of cat waste, my gadget for this weekend is the Breeze Cat Litter System, which I was so taken with I wrote a mini-review of back in 2009.  I'm still using it.


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