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What exactly is considered to be a "gadget" ?

Something like this?
In the software industry, "Gadget" refers to computer programs
that provide services without needing an independent application
to be launched for each one, but instead run in an environment
that manages multiple gadgets.

I was thinking NON-software gadgets.

I was thinking NON-software gadgets.
-mouser (November 16, 2012, 06:03 AM)
--- End quote ---

 :-\  are there such? Really?

 ;D ;)

I LOVE kitchen gadgets! :D And things with motors. And moving parts. Even things that don't have moving parts but are novel. Like my skull ashtrays. But they're not gadgets. Gadgets do things. Nifty things. Things that make you go oooooh~!  :-*

Looks like I'm the first to make a Gadget post.

Here's mine for this week, a Vacuum Food Sealer:

The idea of a vacuum food sealer is to remove the air and thus preserve foods for longer, and keep frozen foods from developing ice crystals.

Do they work? Consensus on the web seems to be yes they do prolong life of foods, and my personal experience backs that up -- but I wouldn't say they are miracle workers and I wouldn't say you are guaranteed to save money using them unless you store lots of bulk food.

For the irrational gadget lover they are wonderful things, because they make noise, require the purchase of accessory supplies (bags), and give you a serious gadget satisfaction when you use them.

I have had one for a few years and use it regularly.  I tend to make food in batches and freeze some and it's very satisfying to use the device.

I have a FoodSaver brand, forget the model but it's middle of the road.


* FoodSaver comparison page.
* Amazon search for vacuum food sealers.
* Cook's Illustrated brief comparison of a few models.


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