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Got a Xiaomi Air Pump to check/fix the tyres pressure without having to move out the big compressor.
It's compact and weight less than 0.5KG. Took about a minute and a half to take a 18" tyre from 2.6 to 2.9 bar.
The car sensors agree with the set pressure, so it seems precise enough. Done all 4 wheels, and then another, smaller car before the LED signaled 25% or less charge.

Where are you going to find that 3080 is the question.. the graphics cards are impossible to find in stock these days..

You have 2 RTX3080 video cards in your new PC?  Better put in a 1200 Watt power supply. When both video cards have a 100% load, the 1000 Watt power supply will make your system unstable.
-Shades (March 08, 2021, 06:12 PM)
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I wanted 2, but they'd only give me 1.

Where are you going to find that 3080 is the question.. the graphics cards are impossible to find in stock these days..
-mouser (March 10, 2021, 03:10 AM)
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I ordered the computer built by probably the top high-end computer dealer in Canada. They've got a good relationship with the manufacturers.


I finally broke down and got myself a couple decent knives. I've always had garbage knives. A good number of them cost less than $2.00. Canadian.

Not the best, but decent. I still want to get a flat grind. I'm finding the serrated ones are great, but they are limited in some ways.

Today I got the sharpeners for it. These ones arrived a week or so ago:

And these arrived this weekend:

I sharpened my 2 new knives, and they're damn sharp. Like, scary sharp. Since they're serrated, I can't "shave" with them, but man... are they ever sharp.

I've tried on other old, garbage knives, and it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to get an edge like on a decent knife made with decent steel.

My old Victorinox Swiss Army Knife gets sharp... but nowhere near the Spydercos. The others? Pfft. Hopeless. Quality really, really matters.

I carry the Rescue knife much more than the Cricket. I'll switch it up & see which I like most.

The Rescue knife I got in part because of that time (posted here long ago) that I had to smash a car window to pull a guy out of a burning car wreck. Had I have had something like this, it would've been much easier & faster. You just never know.

But really, I'm using the new knives mostly for opening & chopping up boxes. It's a LOT more fun & enjoyable with a decent blade.


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