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does it feel more like plastic or glass?
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that was a real concern of mine prior to switching -- for a day i noticed the difference, then i forgot all about it and am glad i switched.  of course your mileage may vary if you are more sensitive to such things.

Replaced my shower head with this two weeks ago and have been VERY happy with it. It really makes shower enjoyable, even doing it together with your special half. Be warned that it's no longer possible to get back to your tiny traditional shower head after this!

LED colour changes based on water temperature so you can tell when it's ready without getting urself wet.

Bought from this link but obviously there are a lot of suppliers on ebay/aliexpress that sell this:

Lights are powered by water pressure - no electrical wiring needed ... Turbine (powered) LED Lights, no battery needed
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Led shower… and you thought asbestos was bad ;)

I was thinking more 12" of solid brass dropping on your foot.


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