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More gadgets to be reviewed from my Kitchen v0.8 alpha implementation... later...  :D


Looks like you opened up a high-tech restaurant kitchen in your house!

What with them jackhammering up my bathroom to repair an 80 year old steam pipe encased in 12 inches of concrete, I'm in a construction-tool gadget mood.

I want to post about the greatest tool since sliced bread, the oscillating "multi" tool.

There are a bunch of different models of these, from cheap $30 corded versions (that work fine) to $200 cordless versions (i always prefer cordless).

Basically they just vibrate at high speeds and can accept different saw-like heads.  They are very similar in spirit to the ubiquitous dremel (rotary tool), in that there a million different little tasks that they can make quick work of.

Note: A Dremel is as essential, if not more so, than an oscillating tool -- so start with one of those if you don't own one already.

What makes these oscillating multi tools so useful is that they like you use a very thin blade flush with an object and with excellent precision.  For example if you strip a screw you could use it to cut the screw off half way -- or you could use it to slip behind some woodworking trim to cut it loose, etc.

Anyway, I consider it an essential gadget for serious DIY home-construction type folks.

BONUS "gadget":

This may be one of the cheapest non-gadget DIY gadgets I can recommend, but also one of my favorites:

A box of disposable latex gloves:

I always have a couple of boxes of these on hand.. You'd be surprised how handy they are to have around and make a million little tasks less onerous.

So, back in... not sure exactly when, but early 2000s, pre-2003, I bought a used NAD 314 (originally purchased in 1996, the receipt says). It's been a trusty friend, and undergone repairs once - but I got tired of smacking it around to get all the speakers working.

So, Wednesday, I went out and bought this beauty:
A Cambridge Audio azur 651A. It's super nice to have decent audio again, without having to smack the amp around every few minutes - and tight bass and treble sections seem to have quite tighter response. I can't tell much of a difference when listening to Nick Cave, Depeche Mode or The Cure... but stuff like VNV Nation and Suicide Commando, or Metallica's "...and Justice For All"? Wow.

Not sure my neighbors appreciate it as much as I do, though.

Also, I kinda wanted an amp with TOSlink, but stereo amps sporting that had ridiculous pricetags, and generally wouldn't be able to downmix surround signals (though handling stereo at 24bit 96 or 192KHz). This amp has an USB input, connecting it to a computer makes it show up as a generic USB audio device, capable of [email protected]/44.1/48KHz... good enough for me, especially at the pricetag. And it even works without a hitch on Linux, who would've thought?!

Next up: getting the NAD C521BEE fixed... all the smacking around of the NAD314 has gotten the laser desynced, so it doesn't play CDs anymore :-[ :-[ :-[

Time to post another kitchen gadget!

From the manufacturer's site:
The crispy outside and soft inside texture of a waffle topped with maple syrup, cream or strawberries is a beautiful way to start or end the day. Breville's Waffle Creations™ makes 6 heart-shaped waffles, the traditional waffle shape of Scandinavia.
Perfect for a weekend family breakfast or brunch, Breville's Waffle Creations™ bakes waffles in just minutes. Made with heat-proof handles and a non-stick cooking plate for a no-mess clean-up it's both safe and easy to use.



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