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I recently got a foldable tablet/phone/notebook stand:


Tried it with a couple of tablets oriented horizontally and vertically with no problems.  Currently being used as a stand for a notebook pc (though with some anti-slip material as insurance).

FWIW, the image doesn't show it, but the legs can be extended further out.

Think there's some OEM-ing going on with this as I see multiple similar offerings online.  Some examples include:

More pics can be seen via the above three links ;)

Might get another one or two for other devices here, but am thinking of waiting a bit to see how the existing one fares.

Thanks to mouser for posting a link to another stand -- that link helped to find the three above :)

I was trying to think of a fun gadget that I have, and then I turned my head to my left. BINGO~! :D

The Young Living home essential oil diffuser! I LOVE IT~! :D We have 2 of them! ;D


Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade, so the diffusers can be used either recreationally/aesthetically, or for practical use. e.g. Diffuse Thieves oil to clean the air/room, or lavender oil to relax or fall asleep. etc. etc. etc.

You have to have the oils to diffuse, but YL has a huge selection. It doesn't matter what you diffuse, as long as you like it, though I'm not sure that you'd want to diffuse pure essence of ginger, or black pepper. :P

One of the cool things about it is a lot of the oils you can use medicinally or therapeutically. 20 years ago I thought this stuff was all pure bunk, but after actually seeing it in action, well, I'm sold on it.

I also have the Essential Oils Desktop Reference (embedded affiliate link purely because mouser said it was ok, and I am really really curious to see if anyone actually buys one! :P ), which is excellent, and explains a huge amount about what different oils do, and how to use them. I also have the smaller version of the book as well: Essential Oils Pocket Reference. It's also very good, and quicker for some things.

Today I was diffusing an oil called "Abundance", which smells just gorgeous. It's the same oil I diffused for my wife when our daughter was born. (The bottle in the middle above.)

Other oils I like are Clarity and Purification. Those are blends, but if you want pure cedar oil, or wintergreen, or orange, tangerine, lemon... there are TONNES!

While I don't diffuse peppermint oil, I drink it in water. Same goes for lemon.

You can find the diffuser here:

That's actually a newer model though. I bought my first one from a friend in Penang between 3 and 4 years ago, then bought a second one here a year or 2 ago.

DISCLOSURE: However, in order to buy, you need to find a distributor (e.g. me), or sign up through a distributor (e.g. me - PM me if you are interested either way) (i.e. it is MLM). I do NOT sell Young Living products (I've never sold any in fact), and I don't sign people up. I just signed up to buy them because they're just really, really good. A friend of mine introduced them to me.

You can use them with other oils as well. I would recommend Young Living oils because I know a lot about them, about the company, and about their general philosophy. So, while they're a bit more expensive than some others, they're therapeutic grade, and extremely high quality.

BTW - I also cook with the oils! :D Even sometimes in my kangaroo tacos~! ;D (Usually oregano, black pepper, or basil there.) I also use ginger oil sometimes, especially when cooking chicken stir-fry. (Others as well, but that's an idea of the versatility.)

Here's a list of their oils. I'm highlighting the ones I normally diffuse in RED and the ones I really like to diffuse in BOLD RED. I'm including the full list to give people an idea of what they can do, but it's long, so in a spoiler.

List of oilsSingle Oils
   Balsam Fir (Idaho)
   Blue Cypress
   Cinnamon Bark
   Clary Sage
   Dorado Azul
   Douglas Fir
   Eucalyptus Blue
   Eucalyptus Radiata
   Frankincense - But not too often as it is expensive
   Laurus Nobilis
   Lavender - Usually to relax or sleep
   Ledum (Seasonal)
   Lemon Myrtle
   Melaleuca Alternifolia
   Mountain Savory
   Palo Santo
   Pepper, Black
   Roman Chamomile
   Sacred Frankincense
   Ylang Ylang

Blended Oils
   3 Wise Men
   Abundance - I diffuse this most
   Aroma Life
   Aroma Siez
   Australian Blue
   Believe - A friend of mine makes a very good living doing FX trading, and uses this oil when he trades and researches.
   Brain Power
   Christmas Spirit
   Citrus Fresh
   Clarity - LOVE this stuff!
   Common Sense
   Dragon Time
   Dream Catcher
   Gentle Baby
   Highest Potential
   Inner Child
   Juva Cleanse
   Magnify Your Purpose
   Peace & Calming
   Present Time
   Relieve It
   Sacred Mountain
   Thieves - I use this to clean the room/air.
   Trauma Life
   White Angelica

Here's mine for this week, a Vacuum Food Sealer:
 (see attachment in previous post)
The idea of a vacuum food sealer is to remove the air and thus preserve foods for longer, and keep frozen foods from developing ice crystals.
-mouser (November 16, 2012, 07:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

I must confess... Every time I see one in a store... I drool... I've wanted to get one of these for a LONG time. But, as I need to move in a year, I'd just have to get rid of it. So, I can't justify the expense. :(

For the irrational gadget lover they are wonderful things, because they make noise, require the purchase of accessory supplies (bags), and give you a serious gadget satisfaction when you use them.
-mouser (November 16, 2012, 07:09 AM)
--- End quote ---


(I'd mention that I did this post in Editplus with the help of Text Editor Anywhere, but that's a software gadget post. ;) )

I'm not sure that you'd want to diffuse pure essence of ginger, or black pepper. :P-Renegade (November 16, 2012, 07:50 AM)
--- End quote ---

I got black pepper oil somewhere a few years back - it actually smells lovely (it is spicy, but not at all peppery like freshly ground). Dont know would it work well in the humidifier (maybe in a mix) but it's really great in the bath if you've got aching muscles.

PS Renegade

Seriously, no more gadget lovers here to post about their favorite gadgets?


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