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Tips for Windows 8 (got any?)

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Stoic Joker:
Don't know if this has been posted yet but: Windows 8: How To Recover Previous Versions Of Files

Added some updates to first post - Curt's post about how to create a system image in 8.1; minor changes since 8.1 are noted (I'm a late adopter..)

File associations:
Control Panel [>Programs] >Default Programs >Associate a file type with a specific program (Set Associations)
from the Start Screen, type Default Programs and proceed as above in Control Panel (thanks 4wd)
--- End quote ---


It seems to go on OK for me.  I'm running Windows 8.0 x64.

I'm not sure if it's a keeper.  I don't do heavy text editing right now.  For that reason I may be able to live with the semi-transparency in Editors.  But the color effect in Explorer is not good.  Fortunately there's a tray program it uses to set the trans in running programs and explorer.exe can just be removed.

To read many things including the black tray app edit lines I have to select.  But where I really like it is the effect on Firefox.  It seems to make text a bit easier to read and generally looks cool.  You may need something like Theme Font and Size Changer AddOn to make stuff like tab titles readable.

In any case it gives more Glass than anything else I've tried on W8.  Perhaps I can fine tune it to make text in editors easier to read.  But the effect in command prompts looks good provided they had the black background.

Something free to play around with.  :)

Edit: I tried to include a shot of the command prompt but it didn't come out with snipping tool.  Just a rectangular blur.  Anyway it's your basic gray semi-transparent prompt with white text.


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