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Tips for Windows 8 (got any?)

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I'm back on Windows 7 today but look forward to trying out some of those shortcuts

My personal favorite new one is win+. and win+shift+. (That's win period).
-allen (November 15, 2012, 03:44 PM)
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snaps active window to left and right

[edit] snaps desktop window to left/right of the 'home screen'. I'm only using the desktop so far myself so havent really used that. As in windows 7, Win+left/right-arrow will snap window to left/right half of the screen.[/edit]

@40, got the Windows 8 for Dummies book no problem :up:
Note: you can download directly on filling the form (you dont need to wait for an email...)

Have you any tips for windows 8? (I'll try adding your tips to first post, or a link at least)

Change the default language of your OS - worked perfectly for me :-* (seems to be available for all versions of Win8)
Winkey+Q; click on 'Settings' and search for 'Language'; then follow the MS instructions here: or here
-tomos (November 15, 2012, 02:41 PM)
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Sorry, no tips from me as I'm still waiting for my license to arrive, but just wanted to thank you for verifying the language change functionality  :up:  Nice change from Windows 7 where the language changing didn't seem to be available for all versions.

My tip would be W8 for SP1. :)-MilesAhead (November 15, 2012, 02:47 PM)
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after a couple of hours use, I already have some ideas for that. Along the lines of church and state.

Can I ask people though to try and keep this thread fairly on-topic? I ask that more cause it's a popular topic to thrash out at the moment - there's lots of other win8 threads out there if you want to debate aspects of the OS.
thanks :Thmbsup:
-tomos (November 15, 2012, 02:57 PM)
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My suggestion is totally serious. I think of all the Windows OS I tried before the first SP, the only one that didn't burn me was Windows 7.  I certainly wasted 2 months tuning Vista only to find 99% of the tweaks I made were there in SP1 when it finally came out.  Depends how you wish to spend your time; how anxious you are to get the latest greatest; you may need some particular feature; or the device has it on there and there's nothing you can do about it.  But the "burn ya'" percentage of pre-SP Windows is very high.

^ well it's a fair enough tip for those of us who havent already indulged :D

One thing I presume they'll bring in in SP1 is the option to boot to the desktop (I find it ludicrous that the option is not already there).

Till then you could try this Skip Metro Suite [UNTESTED - I'll give it a go myself sometime in the next few days]
the site was recommended by a user (with a few hundred posts) on Neowin (but no discussion about it)

They have a few interesting tweaks - download page:

Carol Haynes:
Shrink/expand partitions[/b] within Windows 8. UNTESTED. Doesnt seem to be documented on MS site.
-tomos (November 15, 2012, 02:41 PM)
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Can't see any reason why that should be a problem - it works fine in Windows 7 and despite the promise of a new FS they haven't yet implemented it so the current release of Win 8 uses the same NTFS system used by Win 7 - can't see why they would alter the NTFS support in Win 8.

Backup is a good idea if you are nervous but I have never had issue with partition resizing in Windows 7.

PS: Almost all of the tools used to modify partitions in live running windows use Microsoft DLLs to provide low level access so MS tools are probably as safe, or safer, than third party tools - just lack a bit of flexibility.


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