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Tips for Windows 8 (got any?)

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I just got a Laptop with W8 on it.  I'm pleasantly surprised.  Of course I disabled indexing and put latest Everything Search on it.  But out of the box it was much more usable than Vista before the first SP.  I really miss the Glass though.  But on the Laptop monitor it's tough enough just to read text on some sites(Color Toggle FF AddOn gets me over that hurdle.)  I have to wonder how Glass would look.  The Control Panel is still accessible.  So once there most confusion is eliminated.

It seems to be stable.  Although I haven't taxed the Laptop.  My days of converting video are over.  Too much work.  :)

Edit: as for "tips" Brink keeps the Tutorials section of W8 Forums loaded with tons of howto stuff.  Like how to switch from Microsoft Online login style to local login etc..

Glass on W8 can be downloaded here

I'm using it now.  Totally clear window borders and taskbar(for those of us who do Desktop mode.)

2 Provisos..  you have to disable secure boot .. and on each boot a dialog comes up asking for a donation.  It's a nag screen that's turned off by donating.  I'm hot sure how to back off unless there's a control program.  I assume running a restore point will do the trick.


‘PC settings’ gets major makeover in Win8.1
By Fred Langa on November 13, 2013 in Top Story:

Microsoft made a host of changes to the commands and options on Windows 8.1′s PC settings page, adding new functions and moving or renaming others.

The result is a better user experience — but one that’s undeniably confusing at first. Here’s a guide to the most important changes.-windowssecrets
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Make Your Windows 8/8.1 Computer Act Like New with the Refresh Feature.

Accessing the Refresh feature was described in a previous article, but here I will give some details of how to create a custom Refresh.-gizmo's freeware
--- End quote ---

NOTE: This will NOT work for preinstalled/OEM versions!!

This comes from a couple of comments, (by Mike and astro), over on the MakeUseOf website.

Microsoft castrated Win 8.0 Pro users by making them always have to do a 3.5GB download if you ever want to update your reinstalled OS to 8.1 or install on multiple machines - completely ignoring the fact that 80-90% of the planet doesn't have access to seemingly unlimited multi-Mb broadband at a reasonable cost, (f'n idiots) - eg. it would take me ~7 hours to download the update and I don't want to do it more than once.

Anyway, you can do a clean install of Win 8.1 Pro from a downloaded ISO and activate it with your Win 8.0 Pro license key - contrary to what MS would have you believe or want you to do.

* Grab copy of the Win 8.1 Pro ISO using the method in the MakeUseOf link above.
* Create your install media, DVD or flash drive, and proceed with a normal install of the system - which is not connected to a network.
* When you're asked for a key, use the appropriate KMS Client setup key from here (Microsoft TechNet) - this will allow you to install 8.1 - you will need a valid purchased license key to activate it.
* When the install is finished, open regedit and navigate to:

Change MediabootInstall and RetailInstall to 0.
* Open a CLI as Administrator, (ie. run CMD.exe as Administrator), and enter: slmgr.vbs -ipk [key]  where [key] is your duly purchased license key, without the brackets.
* Rearm the activation: slmgr.vbs /rearm
* Restart, connect to a network, and activate your installation.
The above worked for me without a problem when I clean installed my netbook with 8.1.


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