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Two classes of membership here?

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What app said.  :up:

However.. A word on censorship.  I will add that in the 7 years we've been in operation we haven't had to confront any really truly hard censorship decisions.  That's in part because we are still pretty small and in part because of the nature of and reasonableness of the community. It's always possible that we will find ourselves in a situation in the future where someone insists on repeatedly posting stuff that is completely off-topic and disruptive and offensive to the community, which we feel we can't in good conscience even leave in the Basement area.  It's hard to imagine that happening in anything but a direct attempt to test our limits, but you never know.

We *do* have general rules about content -- we try to avoid political and religious discussions and we've talked at long length about why (-- and the issue of censorship came up at that time), and we insist people are respectful of each other.

Now that we have the Basement area, we have a place we can move threads that cross that line without removing them.  But I do think it's worth "admitting" that we have some informal amorphous community standards here, and if posters start trampling on those we do try to nudge things back into our lane.  Some people might consider that censorship..

My view is something like this:  People have the right here to say things that upset and offend you.  People have the right to complain and criticize our site here without fear of their posts being deleted, and no user should fear reprisals or attacks for voicing their opinions.  The only time I start to feel like intervention is needed is when people are arguing back and forth ad nausea and just trying to get the last word in.

^give the OP some time and benefit of the doubt to read all the "litanies" that just got posted.-40hz (November 13, 2012, 01:17 PM)
--- End quote ---

Fair enough, good point.

  @Clean, being the new guy you may or may not know, but if you need to ask questions (or complain) about another member, it would be in your best interest to send a personal message (PM) instead of airing your laundry for everyone to see.  It works out better for you that way.

BTW, mouser really is a nice guy.  I have never heard of anyone having anything negative to say about him.  Not only that, he has written some excellent software and only ask for donations.  I have personally donated to his cause 5 times now, and you should also consider donating.  Check out Mousers software, I'm pretty sure you'll find something that will tickle your fancy.   ;)

Paul Keith:
I have no idea but I would extend it beyond what TinMan is saying.

Because of who mouser is, he has developed a community where laundry airing is more helpful rather than troublesome as would normally happen.

This is because

1) the community is more united at clearing things up rather than looking to "lure" someone to be moderated as this is the true "no need for PR/mouser praising" fruit that has been cultivated in this forum.


2) the community's version of censorship (if any exist) here leads to more discussion and clarification until users get tired of listening to each other so a topic such as this gets more users going into inquisitive and detailed personal views about why they are doubtful that a certain censorship happen almost to the point of making us all seem like mouser nuthuggers than objective users willing to simply help you because we're all used to giving our "heart" to any subject thanks to how mouser and the mods handle the forum that we don't see you as another victim by the internet ghetto but a particular specific individual user who has somehow been legitimately ran over by a person whom we sincerely believed may have just ran over you without seeing you and all the posters replying here are willing to immediately clear things up not only for the forum rep's benefit but to legitimately be able to leave no stone unturned in helping you resolve such a serious matter even when you try to be vague.

I am a constant lurker, rare commenter and I don't believe I have ever contributed a cent to this site or it's authors, despite using several of their programs. (Geez, I really *should* fix that and Friday past *was* payday).  I mention this only to illustrate what a noncontributing member I am and how in most communities, that would put me on the least favourable member list.

I have asked for advice for both personal and professional issues and have always received honest answers and friendly treatment.

Normally, I would not comment on a thread like this, as more know ledgable and even minded community members have already said all that is required. However, (and I've said it before) this is the friendliest on line community I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of, in the 20 plus years I have been using the Internet.  I wouldn't come back if it were otherwise. As a small part of it, I feel obligated to come to it's defense.

Unlike, many other on line communities I will not try to shout you down, tell you to go away in a rude manner, nor will I name you various pieces of anatomy. I notice no one else has either.  Instead, I too encourage you to follow the advice given and to contact mouser with your specifics so that the matter can be cleared up.

Furthermore, when you *do* contact mouser and this is all settled, I look forward to you joining our community, joining in the conversation and contributing in anyway that you feel capable of.

Dale Poole

PS I sign with my real name and not my alias so that you may understand that I stand behind my words and behind the people who form this community.


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