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Two classes of membership here?

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So, I'm about as frequent a visitor and poster as one can get with the attention span of a kitte--- oooh, it's a ball of yarn! :)

Anyhow. My two cents as a long time, but pretty irregular participater, are as follows: this is a wonderful place, and to me it has that feel of that pub you drop in on every so often that you know most people by face, but that I simply don't get further than their first name with. They throw rounds of beer, I consume, and occasionally I throw a round for them. Could I do more, 'leech' less? Probably; but we all participate in a way we are comfortable in.

Fights are something that rarely happen here. I think the biggest thing that has happened surrounded the entire Circledock fiasco a few years back, and that was mostly due to members protecting eachothers rights and server costs getting a bit on the high side, so the maintainer of that simply went his own way. It wasn't pretty, but it was civil regardless.

Now, as for you.. I obviously know very little about you. You've got five posts, but I'll guess that this is a temporary account. However, everything you write has me grasping for straws. How can you not know the mouserer? Half the free-but-donations-are-very-welcome software on here is his work, amongst which are fan favorites like Desktop Coral, FARR, Screenshot Captor and more. He has his own forum section, posts daily, and probably has his grubby paws on every topic that pops up.

Finally, for as far censorship goes, I've seen it happen only once. And that was because the subject was simply getting too heated, and it left lingering attitudes of resentment that shone through in other discussions, leaving a fair number of users uneasy frequenting.

I don't know what got you in such a corner where DonationCoder seems like such a boogeyman, and I truly hope it isn't warranted. From what I have seen, it isn't, but I am not you and cannot say if you are overreacting, or whether you have a very valid point. :)

I hope mouser & litter will be able to put your fears to rest. :)

@clean - I'm replying primarily to show I'm not ignoring you. But as us noted I'm Mouser's post above, this sort of question should always be directed to either him (as your host) or the moderators. Me being a known blabbermouth here doesn't make me qualified to speak on behalf of the site.  I will however back up everything Mouser has said above. The people responsible for bringing DoCo to us rule with a very light touch. There have probably been more complaints about them not intervening in things than the other way around.

If you got bopped for something you've posted - or think you have - send a personal message to Mouser and he'll explain what happened. Sometimes (rarely) something glitches and a post goes missing. It hasn't happened in a good long while, but the chance is always there.

In other cases a post may get a minor edit for reasons mentioned above. But I have yet to see something deleted purely because somebody disagreed with what's been posted. I've gone pretty over the top a few times and all that happened me receiving some messages - from mostly other members - asking if I was ok since what I had said was so out of character for me as far as they were concerned. I was not banned nor were my comments censored in any way. And once I remembered these people are my friend (in the truest sense of the word) I realized I was reading too much into the spat I mostly got myself into that time.

It happens. Even to people with thousands if posts. Because we're all human.

So please, touch bases with Mouser and get you concerns addressed. You will not find a better, more considerate, or open community anywhere on the web. Abd we all benefit frim every member, whether they post infrequently - or probably a bit too much - like me! And you can take that on the word of somebody who was operating online BBS communities long before there was a public Internet.

Best - and excuse any typos. I'm doing this on a bloody iPhone on a moving train right now.  ;D

Best - and excuse any typos. I'm doing this on a bloody iPhone on a moving train right now.  ;D
-40hz (November 13, 2012, 12:06 PM)
--- End quote ---

Holy Mother! I have a hard enough time on my chiclet Mac keyboard, a harder time on my Galaxy Tab keyboard, a virtually impossible time on my tab virtual keyboard, and cannot imagine typing a post like that on a phone...  :'(

But definitely a good post.

FWIW - I've been "spanked" a few times for stepping out of line. Meh... I'll just blame it on the vodka or whatever. :D For this post, I'll blame it on a bit of honesty, and a bottle or 2 of fine Australian wine! :D

40's right - you'll have fun here.

As for mouser -- I didn't figure out who he was immediately. I knew Zaine first. Long story. The future is more interesting. :)

BTW - I'm feeling a bit dirty here... :P

by the way, public funding?
who isn't?
unless you are printing it in your basement

fwiw  I have donated very little
and currently at about 50 cents a program.
I think.
Even less if I figure in the things I've found, listening.

clean -

It's been an hour and a half since your post.

It's still here but your apology isn't.


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