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Strategies to stay with Windows 7 as long as possible

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Carol Haynes:
Agree that Windows 8 doesn't really bring anything to the table (hence my no need to upgrade comment) but don't feel that there is a compelling reason to downgrade when buying a new computer with 8 preinstalled. Seriously, on the same equipment, 8 boots much more quickly than 7 did... I was pleased when after extensive tinkering my 4 year old Gateway laptop booted Windows 7 in under 3 minutes. It boots Windows 8 in about 30 seconds and is MUCH peppier overall, so it follows that from a performance perspective downgrading new hardware to 7 would be a step backward (though granted, on newer equipment the difference migth be measureable only in tenths of a second).
-Darwin (November 14, 2012, 08:19 AM)
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Trouble is that all operating systems slow with time. I remember how fast Win 7 was at booting when I first installed it - now it takes ages.

Give Windows 8 a year and I bet it won't be booting in 30 seconds.

Trouble is that all operating systems slow with time.
-Carol Haynes (November 15, 2012, 03:09 AM)
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FWIW I haven't noticed that to be the general case with most nix-based operating systems. They either start off slow and stay slow (usually due to improper initial configuration or poor driver support) or they remain reasonably peppy. YMMV

Just to note, my installation started out with Vista 64-bit, I did an inplace upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit and then an inplace upgrade to Windows 8 64-bit. So, while I agree that OS installs slow down over time due to crud accumulation, my system has over 150 programs installed, and my Windows 8 install inherited that. Now, I do expect it to slow over time, but not too drastically as my software selection is fairly stable and I've weaned myself off the obsessive upgrade path.

I'm very impressed by how fast win 8 can boot - and close down. Admittedly I have very little software installed and very little starting with windows, but this is way faster than a clean win7 install - I remember being impressed by that being around the 30 second mark.
I just booted Win8 in well under 10 seconds, and that involved me clicking on the login page (dont currently have a password).

I could see their prices drop after (or even before) Christmas, but then who knows, if Win8 turns out to be a disaster, could scarcity start driving up prices of Win7 machines fairly soon?
-dr_andus (November 08, 2012, 06:37 PM)
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Well, the price for Win7 Home Premium retail package did not drop, at least in the UK. On Amazon UK back in November the price was around GBP118-ish, today it's GBP139. So the price seems to be climbing upwards quite significantly. Draw your own conclusions  ;)

I wish I bought it then...


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