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OK something really weird going on -
first contact with the site is very slow and erratic (including re-download of latest version from your link above)

I have really weird problem of a letter being changed in the password when it gets saved in the ini file
actually I'll email you about that one.

edit/ I wanted to change my password and email you the one I was having problems with - but I'm unable to change it

When I logged into the site it goes directly into the worklog I normally use
i.e. it's showing me (full page size) the red screen with 'stop' button - which means it's running.

Actually looks like it was running all the time - but it doesnt reflect the work I did on this job yesterday (also logged in via the website)

I am unable to stop it using the stop button. Eventually I click to use one of the icons below to get to an overview - I can stop it from the page that shows all logs.

Unfortunately it was running all the time - after clicking the icon for work-details the total jumped from 750 or so, to 3,500 - unfortunately I have only done round about 900 worth on this job (also unfortunatley, I didnt keep track yesterday of total - my bad).

The sums dont add up though - at my hourly rate, if it was running for say 24 hours non stop, it wouldnt come to 2,500

Also, the work details do not show any details - I occasionally added comments after clicking stop button - there's no sign of these.

If you want we can continue this per email - or if you have a landline I can ring you (I *think* I'm not covered for cellphones).

^ for some reason it was running for a few days - I suspect when I turned off computer I didnt stop it and the timer kept going.

Apparently here is a way to correct a screwup like that -
see tooltip:

double-click on a date-time in the log & edit, refresh page to get new total

Site is looking good now :Thmbsup:

I have really weird problem of a letter being changed in the password when it gets saved in the ini file
-tomos (December 05, 2012, 07:06 AM)
--- End quote ---

which is called security :-[  
- it was actually almost or maybe all letters changed :-\ so much for being observant!

But just wanted to report that a password saved in preferences is not used when you start the gui -
seems to be broken since the last security fix - just the username gets filled.

Hey I'm pretty sure this is an IE8 javascript engine problem, meaning if you allow your computer to update to IE9 everything should be fine.
My computer just upgraded automatically so I can't test it out on IE8 again.

Is there a reason you want IE8? Or just haven't thought about it?

Because if there IS, I can work on a fix for it, if not, I won't worry about it.


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