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NANY 2013 PLEDGE - Contractor's Work Log

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hi relipse
I'm trying the website :)

1) When I try to open the timer (clock icon) in a new tab (via the context menu) I just get another instance of the main window.
I dont like popups because I tend to forget them - I use FF with session saver - and if I close the window and the popup is in the back, session saver no longer remembers the tabs in the window I just closed...

-tomos (November 08, 2012, 06:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

I went ahead and fixed this, you should be able to right click and open in new tab or window, but a pop up window works the best (callbacks etc)

the open in new tab seems to work okay (it wouldnt stop for me once, but I just closed the tab and havent had that problem since).
I probably should install it anyway if I'm going to keep using it ;-)

Some thoughts on time columns:

People keep track of non-billable time too. Then there's the scenario where you do related work when *not* on/at a computer.
Then there's the scenario where you might have different rates for different work within the same project - this is easily covered though by using different logs.

Another scenario is where you forget to click STOP. Done that already today - I wrote the project an IOU for 1/2 an hour.
I've very little experience with time-tracking software so I'll just throw out this idea:
Three or four time columns:
   1) Calculated time
   2) Additional time - an add or subtract column (e.g. for the iou example above I would simply subtract .5 hours)
   3) Non-billable (I wouldnt find this important myself, dunno about others)
   4) Actual or Total time = #1 combined with #2 (automatically adjusted)

Then at a glance one could see Calculated; how much adjustment there has been, Additional; and total.

in the browser popup (after having used it for a while - it currently shows [Start]) - if you press F5, it refreshes and starts automatically. I am then unable to stop it.
When I do stop it -by closing the popup- the time last shown on the popup is not reflected in the worklog.

FF 16.0.2
Win7 64bit

Yeah F5 isn't friends with the timer pop up window. Check to see if there are entries in the time log

Did anyone try the GUI for Microsoft Windows?
downloadable client is here:


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