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NANY 2013 PLEDGE - Contractor's Work Log

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Now with HTTPS Secure, so you don't have to worry about your login credentials or time information being passed in plain text

Well, I recently started doing contract programming and I needed a utility to track all my time. I honestly didn't research into it very long when I started building one on my own php webserver.

Nonetheless, I made it available to the public

The Web version is here: you can login using
username: test116
password: test116

or just register free for an account (email verification is off)

Windows GUI Client

and the downloadable client is here:

I started building one on my own php webserver
-relipse (November 06, 2012, 12:13 AM)
--- End quote ---
You could have pledged as a new topic :tellme: this is a valid NANY entry
Edit: Thread was split by admin :up:

Sounds very nice, not to mention useful. Tracking time (and expenses) is one of the most important, and frequently most neglected, tasks in a contract or freelance project.

Is there a demo account ID/password available to have a look around with?  :)

Thank you for your response,
You can use username: test116 and password test116

But it is very easy to create a new account (email verification is disabled so don't worry about it)
Here you go

I added pictures above
thank you


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