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-Deozaan (November 07, 2012, 04:29 AM)
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Or KittyCatCastOperator ;D ;D ;D

+1 for Screencast Captor.

Or, since this is a "mini" application-- MiniCaster

Screen Casting Application Robot, Yo!

Or "SCARY!" for short. :Thmbsup:-Deozaan (November 07, 2012, 04:29 AM)
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I second that :)

screenview captor
screenflow captor
screensequence captor
video captor

For the case of already used names...half-jokingly...prefix already used name with DC, mouser, Cody, etc. ;)

A well-established precedent...

Some great name ideas here.. I'm partial to the short ones like QuickCast,EasyCaster,EasyCast, etc. but those have all been used already by other software products, so I think it's going to need something more unique..

Something with "cast" in the name would be a good idea, and something with simple/easy in the name would be good too.

What do you think about "Simple Screencaster"?


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