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Anyone else?

Anyone else?
-mouser (September 03, 2014, 06:35 PM)
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It's working okay for me too, but I'm not doing anything complicated with it -- in particular, I'm only capturing the content of an entire (vnc) window and I'm not capturing audio.

Hi. Great software. I was just wondering if there's a way to disable the file size limit? It's not convenient when recording raw files.

I love ESR  :-*         ...used it today again to capture a remote session and watch afterwards what happened  :Thmbsup:

Feature wish:

- Right now I select a window  to capture it.
- But if I drag the window to monitor 2,
  or if I put another window in front of my window I want to record,
  I do record the wrong window and the wrong things.

So is it possible to let ESR record (optional of course) ONLY and ALWAYS the first selected window?
No matter what is in front, or where that selected window will be put on the screen?

I guess something like MiniCaps' "-capturehwnd", "-capturepid", "-captureappbyname" I have in mind.

- - -

2.) Please add an shortcut for invoking "Save current frame" without asking where to save (save in folder of video instead)
Something easy, like just "S" key for "Save" or "F" for "Frame".

I want to rapidly press a key to save a frame after the other while the video is run.

Thanks for reading.


One thing you might try is copying a video into your Screenshot Captor screenshot directory -- it should be able to open it and let you easily save frames, etc.


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