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Synergy Virtual KVM

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Has anyone ever gotten the Synergy virtual KVM to work?

I tried a while back, no luck. And tried again, and still no luck.

Do I need to sacrifice a chicken or something? Is there some kind of black art that I need to learn?

I've got the client (Mac) and server (Windows) working (apparently...), but I just cannot get between them.

I'm banging my mouse against the top of the screen, and banging my head against the wall.

I've gotten it to work, but it's definitely sketchy.  When it works, it's great!  But it's likely to stop, even after you spend the time to get it to work.

I'd suggest looking elsewhere (ShareMouse, Multiplicity, etc)

I have it working with Mac and Windows; gave up the first few attempts then must have found a tutorial or something that made it clear what to do. I'll see if I can find it...


found the link, but it's on lifehacker and they appear to have completely destroyed their website?????? so the article isn't in their archives.

I saved the original article as an .mht file (I must have foreseen that lifehacker were going to kill it), along with a couple of screengrabs for each connection setup.

I'll send them in a zip via personal message, Renegade.

God... Some days I just loathe computers...

Ok... Here's the skinny...

Macs suck. Badly.

Here's the answer...

You can't run the Mac client as a service... I must run in "Desktop" mode.

It then works.

I'll give it a spin, but I may end up looking into your suggestions (@wraith808).

Thing was, if offered the opportunity to run something like that as a desktop application, or a service/daemon, OF COURSE you're going to choose service/daemon.

So far the mouse isn't very smooth on the Mac, but at least I don't need to deal with my crummy chiclet keyboard there. My Mac mouse is ok, but the keyboard is a major barrier to using my Mac sanely. I'm sure it's great for 10-year old girls with tiny fingers, but not for my chubby hands. :P

(Right, I'll not send the zip - couldn't send it via personal message anyway.)


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