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Synergy Virtual KVM

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Dear "Clean",

We are happy, that your experience with our Text Expander "PhraseExpress" convinced you to use our latest software "ShareMouse" as well.

Your continued loyalty over many years is appreciated very much.  :Thmbsup:

Thank you for your compliments about our support offerings. We are getting hundreds of freeware user inquiries, ranging from requests to analyze users sophisticated networking environments, to fix enhanced automation scripts or even to develop those for them free-of-charge. We appreciate your understanding, that we unfortunately do not have the resources to provide unlimited free consulting services for our freeware offerings. Those are provided "as-is" on a complimentary basis.

We actually do provide technical support for our freeware users for issues, which are helpful for the general userbase. The forum is used as a dynamic FAQ in this regard. We are sorry, if your particular requests have not been falling into this category, but again, you are using a complimentary offering and we appreciate, that you to take it as such.


Your choice of alternatives is just fine. There are hammers and there are other hammers. Both are a tool.

You probaby don't need to save text formatted text snippets or use a Mac to realize, that different tools are different (in many more ways). User requirements are different, too.

@BartlesMedia - can you possibly understand that this ongoing battle you and your rivals are waging anyplace on the web where the moderators have not already banned you is of no possible interest to anybody here? You're winning neither friends nor supporters by continuing to do this. We've heard it all before. We understand the points you and the other participants have made - having heard them all more times than we'd care to remember. I'm sure software such as yours makes it very easy to post this sort of thing rapidly and efficiently - so the temptation is always there to be posting more of the same somewhere. But please - can you possibly give it (and us) a rest?

what he said ^

^ x2

Had a huge post written... Decided to not post it. Read the above.


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