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We all know the sleep utility.  It takes as parameter the number of seconds to sleep before it exits.
I am looking for a command line utility which will SLEEP TILL A SPECIFIED TIME


sleeptill.exe 03:30

This program sleeps until the computer time is 03:30AM, and then exits.
It can be enhanced with date parameters also.
example :- sleeptill.exe 2012-11-02:03:30

This program can be used as a alternative to the windows task scheduler.  And can be used in batch files and so on...

Could Skrommel's OpeningHours be close to what you need?

Thanks a lot for the immediate response.
I will look at that program and see if it meets my need.

What I had in mind was similar to sleep.exe, which will block the execution till the time is complete.
The "opening hours" program is like a scheduler.  It cannot be used inside a batch file :(

I've checked with Google, but either it's not to be found, or I used the wrong search criteria, but I haven't found anything usable. :o

So I mocked up this small Delphi commandline tool: SleepTill.exe
- Version: 0.9.0
SleepTill [date] [time] [/?]
[date] : Optional date in yyyy-mm-dd format, default: today
[time] : Optional time in hh:mm[:ss] format, if not supplied: 00:00
/? or -? : Show this helpmessage
- Either date or time, or both, should be provided to start the wait
- Date/time should be in the future to start the wait
- Pressing Ctrl-C stops the wait

Download attached zipped-up exe file removed because of update, below.


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