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Flock the Vote Software Giveaway Announced!

On Monday, 29 October, CodeWeavers' CEO Jeremy White announced to his staff that he would be giving away CrossOver for FREE, for 24 hours, to anyone on the planet. He then locked the server room and fled into the woods. None of us can find the keys, which means that the Software Giveaway is on, whether we like it or not.

That’s right: CrossOver. Absolutely FREE. Here are the details:

    What: A FREE copy of CrossOver, with 12 months support!
    When: Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 00:00 - 23:59, CST (-6GMT)
    Who: FREE to anyone on the planet

--- End quote ---

Looks like a good deal to me.

A very good deal. (You save $60.) If you regularly run Windows programs under Linux, and want to do so with the least amount of grief, get a copy of CrossOver. Period.

How can you go wrong with a company that's confident enough to tell you this about their product:

Try CrossOver First!

Give us ten minutes! That's all it takes to find out whether your Windows software will run under CrossOver. In ten minutes you can install our demo version, and then install the software you want. Or just see what our Compatibility Center has to say about it. If it runs, you're good to go with the easiest, least expensive, and friendliest Windows compatibility software out there. Even if it doesn't, you've only spent a few minutes to potentially save yourself several hundred bucks. Wasn't it worth it? Of course it was...

So, before you go plunking down your hard-earned money for a virtual machine AND a copy of Windows AND some antivirus software, give us a try!
--- End quote ---

Crossover recommended over wine?

^Yes. In many respects, CrossOver is Wine. Wine works but it's often fiddly. CrossOver is to Wine as something like LinuxMint would be to vanilla Debian. Both the same codebase. But things like Ubu or Mint are more refined versions - and generally easier for the average person to use.

Here's how Codeweavers relationship with the Wine Project works:

CodeWeavers: Proud Supporters of The Wine Project

Support the Wine Project Everything we do at CodeWeavers revolves around the Wine Project. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to fund significant improvements in Wine Project.

We contribute all of our work on Wine back to the Wine Project. We support many key Wine developers, who are making Wine into the technology that it needs to be. We also host the Wine community web server,

Some of our notable accomplishments in Wine include:

* Making Wine work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Steam, World of Warcraft and many more applications.
*    Making Wine work across a variety of platforms, notably Intel Mac OS X, and Linux.
*    Providing web hosting and technical support for the Wine Project website,
*    Organizing the annual Wine technical conference.
*    Providing nearly half of all contributions to the Wine project (which amounts to about a gazillion bug fixes, including a lot of the really hard stuff.)
By purchasing CrossOver, or by engaging us to provide Wine services, you are helping us make Wine better, too. We are constantly humbled by and appreciative of the support our customers continue giving us. Thank you.
--- End quote ---

I like to think of Wine as something like the community edition of CrossOver even though that's not really an accurate analogy. It's more of a symbiotic relationship. Either way there's good synergy between the two.

I am trialing Linux Mint 13 Maya. I hope CrossOver will help me run MS Office 2007, TrueCrypt, and The Bat!. Thanks to mahesh2k for the head up and 40hz for the enlightenment.  :Thmbsup:


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