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Flood Alert (As service or tray apps)

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again, thanks so much sir BigVent, it is working now  :Thmbsup: save us alot and is working to us now, its flooding again here.


   You're most welcome!  I'm VERY happy to hear that this is aiding you!!!  I figured that if it could (save/warn) at least one person then it's worth any amount of time invested!

   Did this app alert you personally?   Is there anything you can see that needs to be adjusted, changed, added?

Again, thank you for the feedback!


Yes bro, I saw it gets in 'alarm' state and I have moved my car earlier before it gets higher(critical). My neigbor has moved earlier as he seen it moves to alert state. our area is 'mindanao' avenue and the sensor is located under the bridge. I guess mindanao has the deepest water lever in that sensor.

Now it's flooding again..

Did the program alert you again?   :D

I need to revisit this program & do some work on the GUI & other items.



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