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Flood Alert (As service or tray apps)

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Hey psionics, thank you for the feedback!

* if we didn't put an entry on email/txt/smtp functions, will it not function by default? or can we have an enable/disable box for the email/txt/smtp functions(to save bandwidth/sms during non-alerting days) or a button to toggles between alerting/normal days?

* Now you can select whether or not you'd like to enter your information.  At any time you can rt. click tray icon & change location or email/text information
* have a hyperlink to  - near the location selector(so they will have the initial idea where they are located)

* Great idea & has been implemented
* can we use a different icon? (lets look for one)

* I chose the Philippines flag for the current icon.  If you think of one better just let me know & we'll incorporate
* can we name the apps as floodwatch.exe(instead of pagasa.exe) and rename "Philippines Flood Information and Alert" into "Flood Watch Philippines"

* Absolutely!  Done
Items that I'll work on:

* Make a better GUI for the program. (I've only been focused on the functionality)
* Testing on different OS to ensure everything works properly
* Will remove the "Press F10 for direct site within the notification

I always love watching threads like this -- nice work, BigVent!  :up:

Thank you mouser!!! Much appreciated!


Sweetness!!!!  :)

the website is inaccessible on my end at the moment

Seems to be back up now



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